So far I have had an amazing Summer holiday! I have been to the cinema about 6 times, had 2 weeks extra holidays than my sisters, caught up with my friends, and had fun at home. I am super excited that Christmas is in exactly 3 days and can’t wait for when we go to Mollymook, a small town on the beachside where my family goes every year (and spends new year there). I found out all my classes, schedule, Pastoral Care group, teachers, and whether I was in extension or streamed classes. I was extremely happy with everything I got.

2 days after school ended, on another Friday (read 6 posts down to get it), I had my second eye operation. I did the process exactly 2 years before then. The operation was to completely correct my lazy eye and stop my double vision that i’d had since my last operation. They were using a laser to correct it instead of last time when they actually cut my eye open and stitched it back up. They put the laser on double the power so that I wouldn’t have to come back and have a third eye operation, but that also meant it would have double the pain. They also gave me double the dose of the sleeping drug so that I would sleep for longer and reduce some of the pain. But when I woke up it was still there and I was practically blind for the rest of the day, I couldn’t open my eyes without it hurting so bad. They put a gigantic patch on my left eye (the one that was operated on) and a small bandage where the needle had been. I then had to take eye drops 8 times a day for 2 weeks straight, it was super annoying but worth it to stop eye infections and it hurting.

I hope everyone is having amazing and fun-filled Summer holidays!

– 🐼 Zoe 🐼

Space Research

At school Year 6 recently presented some space research to teach Year 4s. We chose a topic of interest relating to space, and then we researched chosen questions relating to that topic. I chose to broadly research about stars. I created an Adobe Spark Page to put all of my information in. When I presented it to the Year 4s, they found it very interesting and informative and said they learned a lot from it! Here is the link to my page:


Thank you, I would love to get feedback in the comments!

🍀 Zoe 🍀

Finishing Primary School

There is a time in someone’s life when they move from primary/junior school to middle/high/senior school. I have just less then a week until that becomes me too. I am nervexcited (nervous and excited put together) about moving to high school! Yesterday, Year 6 had their graduation assembly and dinner/formal. I especially loved the dinner, it was the best fun! All of Year 6 are going to have a lot of changes in the next few months, most of them being extremely positive. I wish all of my classmates the best next year, we did it, we finished primary school!

🎉 Zoe 🎉 ,
Future Year 7…

Global Read Aloud

Last year, my grade participated in the Global Read Aloud. If you scroll to the bottom of the page (or to the very top too), click older posts and keep doing that, you might find my Global Read Aloud posts from last year! The Global Read Aloud is where your teacher reads a novel aloud to the class. The one that my class is reading is A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park.

The novel A Long Walk To Water is set in Sudan. The main characters are Salva (an 11 year old boy) and Nya (an 11 year old girl). My class has just started reading the book and so far it’s very interesting. I was unfortunately absent from school the day we started reading it but I get what the book’s all about now.

This blog post is also for the Student Blogging Challenge week 5, if you click on the link you will see that week 5 is all about school. The event that this blog post is all about is the Global Read Aloud.

As part of the Global Read Aloud we drew a map of Sudan and it’s surrounding countries. After we each did that, we wrote a summary about Sudan and what life there is/was like. Here is my summary:

Sudan, also known as North Sudan, is a poor country in the continent of Africa, with 853 km coastline bordering the Red Sea. Sudan’s surrounding countries are Egypt, Libya, Chad, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. It is the third largest country in Africa with an area of 1 886 068 km2.

The terrain of Sudan is generally flat plains, broken by a few mountain ranges. Sudan is a very dry country with only few rivers, dams, creeks, swamps, and lakes. Two significant rivers include The Blue and White Nile. The Blue Nile and White Nile rivers meet in Khartoum (the capital of Sudan), which flows into Egypt and into the Mediterranean Sea. Water is always a challenge and effort to find in Sudan.

The main reason that Sudan is so dry is because it is right next to the equator. The reason why the countries near/on the equator are so hot is because the sun shines directly onto it while countries away from the equator (e.g: Antarctica) get only a slant of sun/heat.

In Sudan there are only 2 seasons, a dry season and a wet/rainy season. The amount of rainfall increases towards the south, where there is more swamps, creeks and rainforests. The rainy season lasts 3-6 months (it matters where in Sudan) and a lot of people in Sudan go to where the rainy season lasts the longest. Sudan is a very tropical country.

Some mineral resources that are available in Sudan are gold, silver, iron, granite, lead, nickel, zinc, copper, natural gas, petroleum, tin, asbestos, chromite, cobalt, gypsum, kaolin, manganese, mica, and uranium. Sudan trades these with other countries.

In Sudan, there is a lot of poverty and lack of bad health and health services. There is a lot of death which is mainly caused by influenza or pneumonia (there are other illnesses/injuries that cause it too). The average life span in Sudan is nearly 64 years and in South Sudan only 56. You are even considered lucky if you make it past the age of five, which not many children do.

During the Global Read Aloud, I have had so much fun hearing what happens next and I cannot wait to read more! I definitely recommend the book.

  • 🐶 Zoe 🐶
  • The Exhibition

    From late Term 3 to early Term 4, Year 6 had a big project called The Exhibition. Everyone was in groups of 2-5 in a group studying a topic of their preference. The preference topics were something that related to our Unit Of Inquiry (we started a new one) main line of Inquiry which was ‘Peace and conflict affects our world’. So basically the topics were about either peace or conflict.

    The topic I got was Terrorism. I got put in a group of 4 with Tilly G, Tara M and Ashley O. We made 3 of our own lines of Inquiry which were:

    • There are different reasons why terrorists become terrorists
    • Terrorist groups are unique and have different motivations
    • There is lots being done to prevent terrorism

    We all worked together and researched information based on each of those lines of Inquiry and made each of them into two posters, one for the information and one for the line of Inquiry’s wording and related pictures. Year 6 also had a booklet and folder of their own. At the end of the Exhibition, the folder had inside:

    • Your title page

    We each created our own title page for our topic which was used as our folder cover.

    • ‘My Exhibition Group’ page.

    We each made a page that had a picture of our whole group, the names of people in our group, our primary resources, the title ‘My Exhibition Group’, A picture of our mentors (I will go into that later), who our mentors are, and our key concepts (I will go into that later).

    • Form & Function

    We each made two separate pieces of writing explaining what our topic is (form) and how it works (function).

    • Lines Of Inquiry

    Like I said before, we made three lines of inquiry and researched about each of them.

    • Primary resources page and email

    In our groups, we made a document on our primary resources and added the email we sent them on it (i’ll go into this later).

    • Picture book paragraph

    Individually, we wrote dot points and a paragraph about the picture book we each read that related to our Exhibition topics (I will go into this later).

    In our booklets, it was more reflection, goals, and the whole process of The Exhibition. We had to fill out a reflection and weekly goals each week. At the end of The Exhibition we did self assessing in it.

    On Canva, I made a ‘My Exhibition Group’ page. In Our booklets we had questions that were made into our lines of Inquiry, we put these questions into our page. The question relates to either function, change, or causation. Each group has 1-3 mentors from Year 10 at our school. You organise meetings with them (every week or so) and they help you with the Exhibition. The Mentors for my group were named Zoe (another Zoe!) and Jessica. Our mentors sent a photo of them to us and we put that and their names onto each of our ‘My Exhibition Group’ pages. We also put the names of our primary resources on our page. Our primary resources would help us get some deeper knowledge about terrorism, with all of them being terrorism or counter terrorism experts. Our primary resources were Sam Roggavean, Minister (David) Elliot, and Peter Ryan. Tara sent each of them an email which we copied into our Primary Resources document and included in our folders. We included our primary resources’ names in each of our ‘My Exhibition Group’ pages. Our lines of Inquiry relate to a question which relates to either function, change, or causation.

    We each read a picture book relating to our topic, mine being terrorism. The book I read was Ali’s story.The book didn’t just relate to terrorism, it related to terrorism, war and refugees. This is Ali’s Story:


    We made a paragraph about what we thought about our picture book, this was mine:

    Sometimes terrorism can get so bad that it causes families to get separated. People can flee their countries and become refugees in others, but sometimes not all family members or friends make it. Terrorism usually causes war in different countries and many people suffer or get affected by it. Terrorism usually occurs in countries in The Middle East.

    For the display of The Exhibition, we made an interactive activity using a world globe, an imovie of how/why/what, and a map showing where terrorist groups are located and where they have taken over. The interactive activity was where we had 5 bits of velcro on the world globe and 5 bits of laminated paper (with velcro on the back) stating a terrorist group. The player of the game has to find where all the terrorist groups are located by sticking them in the place they think they go. There are clues scattered all over our display board that say where they go.

    For the display night and morning we had a table and a velcro board (velcro sticks to it). Parents (and siblings) and teachers came to the display night (6:30PM – 8:00PM) and students from the junior school came in the morning (8:30AM – 10:00AM). On the night, we had prepared a song. The song we sang was Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson. We chose this song because it relates to what we were studying, which was poverty, making a difference, etc. Here is the link to the song, read the lyrics and see how it relates to ‘peace and conflict affect our world’. When we performed Man In The Mirror, there was a slide show of pictures behind us. Each group had 2 or 3 pictures in it relating to their topic.

    Before we sang the song, we had questions to get the audience thinking and prepare the audience for what we were about to show them (our display). The one that my group said was “Did you know that since the start of this year there has been over 1044 terrorist attacks worldwide?”

    The Exhibition night and morning was really successful (except when our table fell over). We got asked a lot of interesting questions and  and learned about other group’s topics as well. The Exhibition was a great experience and I learned a whole lot more about terrorism, a topic I have been interested in (the topic not doing terrorism!) for a while now.

    • 🐬 Zoe 🐬

    My Injury

    Towards the end of my  holiday I had a bad injury. We were on a holiday trip in country Victoria (a state in Australia) in a country town called Bright. It all started when my dad accidentally reversed our car into an embankment. A really nice lady and the NRMA helped us and connected a towing rope to our car from their’s. My mum asked me to take a video of it all to capture the funny moment. When I was videoing, I wanted to get a view from the other side of the car. Without thinking, I jogged to the other side of the car and when I was looking through my mum’s phone’s camera lens up high, I didn’t see the towing rope. I tripped over the towing rope onto the rocky driveway and two sharp rocks cut into my left knee about 1.5 cm deep (just before the bone!). We didn’t know how bad it was until we took off my leggings. The cut looked like something out of a horror movie!

    We rushed to the closest medical centre and had to cancel our cooking class. In the medical centre, I had to wait for about 10 minutes in the nurse’s room and had to hire a wheelchair. I was told that I had to get stitches and I was terrified, petrified! The doctor cleaned and put the anaesthetic into my wound and it felt like someone was stabbing me with a tiny, long knife repetitively, while something was spraying out of my cut. During that time, you could probably hear my screams from across the road, it was so painful!

    We couldn’t have the stitches done at the medical centre so we had to go on an hour’s drive to the nearest hospital. At the hospital, my dad carried me in and I got another wheelchair (they aren’t fun when you are in pain!). I wasn’t allowed to eat till we had finished the operation. Saying that, the rest of my family ate right in front of my face! But I did get to buy something for afterwards.

    I had a few chats with the junior doctor and he said that I could get it either glued or stitched. My mum was a little unsure about that so she asked for a senior doctor for another opinion. My cut was definitely going to be stitched and I also needed an xray. I started to get a little scared. I wanted to be put to sleep but that wasn’t an option, I had to get happy gas. I had never had happy gas before so I didn’t know what to expect, but I had heard what people had said from their own experience.

    Going into the operating room was scary. There were 2 nurses, Sarah and Pauline, there was the junior doctor and the senior doctor. I only remember what the junior doctor’s name was, his name was Brad. The Senior doctor was going to do my stitches. She had an american accent and was very nice. Sarah put 5 of these sticker things on my stomach. They a little bit on the end that allowed the wires/cords to be connected to. That was to keep track of my heart rate and breathing.

    It was hard to think that people were going to stitch up my knee like I was a piece of fabric sewn onto another. I was a bit panicky but I got through it. The happy gas had an unexplainable feeling. I felt so fuzzy like it was a dream, everything moving in slow motion. Watching my cut with no pain coming from it was absolutely incredible! At times I could feel pain, but only a little. I guess the thought was worse than the reality of it. It did actually really hurt when the pain killer stopped, but that was always going to happen. I got 5 dark blue stitches and will always have a scar on my left knee. The junior doctor wrapped the wound with layers and layers of wool then bandage, wool then bandage. It looked like I had a massive beehive on my leg!

    I was told that the stitches would come out the week after this, another Friday. This was perfect because that same day I was having another operation, being put under the sleeping machine. We got a note to give those doctors explaining that and to ask if my stitches could come out while I was under the sleeping machine.

    It was 10:00pm and we were all exhausted for the hour’s drive ahead. On the way we stopped at an Indian restaurant and had to cancel our booking for another one. It was so hard to get to sleep that night.

    I hope you have an insight on what happened to me towards the ends of my almost great holiday! If you got hurt during yours, I hope you are ok! Injuries are the worst, i’ve actually had a lot myself:

    • 2 times having a sprained wrist
    • 15+ times having a sprained ankle
    • 2 times having crutches
    • 3 times having a wheelchair
    • This!

    But overall, this injury would be the worst.

    I wasn’t allowed to bend my leg, I couldn’t lift it off the ground, I couldn’t wear long pants (only shorts), it was tough. Imagine going to bed, going to the bathroom, sitting down, getting (and being) in a car! for 2 nights I had to sleep with the beehive bandage on, when we got back to Sydney (my home town) we went to a medical centre. At the medical centre I got it all off and it got replaced with a bandage and a black knee brace:

    The brace was to minimise bending my leg. While I was at the medical centre I surprisingly saw my teacher, Mrs S so there was no need for my mum to send an email to her what had happened.

    2 days later it was the Year 7 orientation (read the blog post 2 posts down), it was really hard to get around and I had to leave early on both days. After the orientation, I had to leave 2 hours early on one out of the 2 school days before the Friday of my other operation. It was so exhausting and I could barely concentrate in class. On the Friday that I was supposed to get my stitches out, I was told that the stitches weren’t ready to come out, but they were healing. I was devastated that I would have to suck it up for another week. I had a laser operation and I had stitches in my leg, it couldn’t get worse (and don’t worry, it didn’t)!

    It got better and finally (when I am writing this now) I have gotten my stitches out! It hurt a little and I was given a pain killer pill/tablet an hour beforehand. I have had a bad history of Fridays in the past 3 weeks in a row, the first being the worst. Guess what? Later this year i’m having another operation (for my eye) and guess what day it’s on? A Friday!

    Now apart of my daily routine for a whole year, I have put this scare minimising cream on the scar as well as vitamin E. Sorry for the long post, I just would like people in my class to know the full story rather than me just saying a brief one over and over again.

    Did I mention that I had my laser operation was on Friday the 13th?!

    • 🌺 Zoe 🌺

    Year 7 Orientation

    For 2 days, Monday and Tuesday, Year 6 had a Year 7 orientation. It was so fun to meet all the new girls who were going to be joining us next year in high school. Since I go to a school that goes from Kindy to Year 12, there was a mixture of new girls and old girls, so all of us weren’t meeting each other for the first time.

    Unfortunately, then (and still right now) I had a bad knee (I will go into details on my next post) so it was hard to say welcome and introduce myself to all the new girls.  I found that I knew 3 of the girls, 2 went to my old school, and the other went to one of my pre-schools. We were all put into groups, if you had a blue sticker on you name sticker (or red, dark green, so on) then you would be in the blue group. I was in the red group.

    On Monday, we all did testing up until lunch. The tests included:

    • Spelling
    • Mathematics
    • Problem Solving and Reasoning
    • Reading
    • Writing

    The orientation also included experiencing different subjects, seeing what they were like in high school/senior school. Those included:

    Food Tech:

    In Food tech we each made a couple of cherry ripe bliss balls. We all got the recipe and worked in groups of 5/6. At that time my knee was in pain so I couldn’t make my own, but I got a few of the extras to take home along with the recipe.


    I couldn’t go to this subject due to my knee but I heard that it was a lot of fun.


    This subject was especially fun. On Day 2, this was red group’s first activity. By the time I got to the classroom we had already begun, we were doing a lot of mini science experiments. The last experiment (Task 5) was especially fun. We had a paddle pop stick each, each dipped in a particular chemical. One at a time, we would put the dipped side of the paddle pop stick into the fire and the fire would actually change colour! The best part was seeing green fire for the first time.


    In Art, we all had pieces of A3 paper divided into four squares. One activity (top right square) was drawing your partner’s face without looking at the paper, only straight at them. Mine turned out to look like a bunch of scribbles. The second activity (top left corner) was to draw your ‘favourite thing to do’ only looking through a mirror which reflected your piece of paper. This was hard because if I wanted to move my pencil right, it would just move left! The last activity (activity 3) was drawing a particular place in the classroom upside down. During this activity the Art teacher taught us how that’s actually how we see, upside down, our brain just flips it over. Art was such a fun class, the teacher was really nice and funny and I cannot wait to do art next year in Year 7.


    Since the library was a long way away, I got there early and left early. During my time there I was told about what Year 7 does in library lessons, where the lessons are, were the age appropriate books are and how it all works.


    I couldn’t do sport so I just played some get to know each other games with another group. During the open assemblies we heard about sport extra curricular and who runs it.

    The Year 7 orientation was so much fun! It gave me a better understanding of what it’s like and made me look forward to Year 7 a lot more.

    • 🐼 Zoe 🐼

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