November 24th 2016 archive

Speech and Drama Dress Rehearsal

This year a have done an after school activity called speech and drama. Yesterday I had a dress rehearsal because tomorrow is the big concert. Yesterday at the dress rehearsal we went through almost everything we needed to do at the concert. It was fun and exciting except for the fact that I didn’t have some of my costumes and I couldn’t dress quickly enough.

When we were waiting to go in for the rehearsal after year 4, my speech and drama group waited for about half an hour for no reason beforehand. Also, while we were waiting we had a bunch of conversations with some older girls which was weird and awkward. Anyway, I love going to speech and drama each week and I can’t wait for the big night!

P.S: I will write another post about the actual concert!

The Story Of My Name

Hi, as you know my name is Zoe, my name means life in Greek. From early times it was owned by the Hellenized Jews as a translation of the name Eve. It was made by two early Christian Saints, and was very popular in the Byzantine Empire. As an English name, Zoe has only been used since the early 19th century.

  • Popularity

USA – #33 in the country

Canada -#37 in the country

Australia – #8 in the country –

Belgium  – #25 in the country

France – #11 in the country

Hungary – #7 in the country

Ireland – #30 in the country

Netherlands – #10 in the country

New Zealand – #17 in the country

Switzerland – #36 in the country

  • Story of how I got my name

When my mum was 25 she had a very nice work mate named Zoe. She was a lovely person and my mum and her were great friends. One day Zoe went on a trip to Tasmania, my mum wished her a great trip! 

One day when Zoe was in Tasmania, she went to an ordinary cafe. Unfortunately a gunman raided the shop and shot her, I find it very sad to think about. Now because of that tragic moment my name is Zoe and the name my dad wanted is my middle name.

  • Find out more

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Let me know in the comments the history of your name and even how you got it. I look forward to seeing some comments!