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My Photoshop Artwork

At school, in art, we have been making Photoshop artworks using ourselves or someone that is supposed to be us. Here is my reflection for my Photoshop artwork:

For my Photoshop artwork, I used 6 pictures of me, a photo of a candy house, and a picture of a butterfly. I used 6 pictures to represent my feelings, bored Zoe, curious Zoe, content Zoe, frightened Zoe, adventurous Zoe and hyper/excited/enthusiastic Zoe. I chose the candy house because it represents my wild imagination, plus I LOOOOOOVE candy! I had never used Photoshop before this task so it was very new and educational for me. To improve I think I could of cut-out all the Zoes a bit better because you can see the old backgrounds from the classrooms. Using Photoshop was a great experience and I can’t wait to see what other fun things we will do for art this year!

Sorry everyone, I couldn’t get my Photoshop photo itself on this post.


Go on an app or site (make sure it has an educational side) and figure out how to use it!

Da Vinci Decathlon Trials

This year at my school they tried something different for the Da Vinci Decathlon… instead of getting picked by your teachers to get in, anyone can try out! The Da Vinci Decathlon is a competitive competition against other schools, each school has 8 representatives from each grade. You work on different subjects for the trials such as, coding, drama, poem writing, general knowledge and creative art. I chose to work on drama and creative art because I love those two subjects a lot, as you will see in my ‘About Me’ page on my blog. Sadly I did not get in to the Da Vinci Decathlon but I know did! (Congratulations Emily!) The trials were a great experience and I can’t wait to try out again next year!