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So far I have had an amazing Summer holiday! I have been to the cinema about 6 times, had 2 weeks extra holidays than my sisters, caught up with my friends, and had fun at home. I am super excited that Christmas is in exactly 3 days and can’t wait for when we go to Mollymook, a small town on the beachside where my family goes every year (and spends new year there). I found out all my classes, schedule, Pastoral Care group, teachers, and whether I was in extension or streamed classes. I was extremely happy with everything I got.

2 days after school ended, on another Friday (read 6 posts down to get it), I had my second eye operation. I did the process exactly 2 years before then. The operation was to completely correct my lazy eye and stop my double vision that i’d had since my last operation. They were using a laser to correct it instead of last time when they actually cut my eye open and stitched it back up. They put the laser on double the power so that I wouldn’t have to come back and have a third eye operation, but that also meant it would have double the pain. They also gave me double the dose of the sleeping drug so that I would sleep for longer and reduce some of the pain. But when I woke up it was still there and I was practically blind for the rest of the day, I couldn’t open my eyes without it hurting so bad. They put a gigantic patch on my left eye (the one that was operated on) and a small bandage where the needle had been. I then had to take eye drops 8 times a day for 2 weeks straight, it was super annoying but worth it to stop eye infections and it hurting.

I hope everyone is having amazing and fun-filled Summer holidays!

– 🐼 Zoe 🐼

Year 7 Orientation

For 2 days, Monday and Tuesday, Year 6 had a Year 7 orientation. It was so fun to meet all the new girls who were going to be joining us next year in high school. Since I go to a school that goes from Kindy to Year 12, there was a mixture of new girls and old girls, so all of us weren’t meeting each other for the first time.

Unfortunately, then (and still right now) I had a bad knee (I will go into details on my next post) so it was hard to say welcome and introduce myself to all the new girls.  I found that I knew 3 of the girls, 2 went to my old school, and the other went to one of my pre-schools. We were all put into groups, if you had a blue sticker on you name sticker (or red, dark green, so on) then you would be in the blue group. I was in the red group.

On Monday, we all did testing up until lunch. The tests included:

  • Spelling
  • Mathematics
  • Problem Solving and Reasoning
  • Reading
  • Writing

The orientation also included experiencing different subjects, seeing what they were like in high school/senior school. Those included:

Food Tech:

In Food tech we each made a couple of cherry ripe bliss balls. We all got the recipe and worked in groups of 5/6. At that time my knee was in pain so I couldn’t make my own, but I got a few of the extras to take home along with the recipe.


I couldn’t go to this subject due to my knee but I heard that it was a lot of fun.


This subject was especially fun. On Day 2, this was red group’s first activity. By the time I got to the classroom we had already begun, we were doing a lot of mini science experiments. The last experiment (Task 5) was especially fun. We had a paddle pop stick each, each dipped in a particular chemical. One at a time, we would put the dipped side of the paddle pop stick into the fire and the fire would actually change colour! The best part was seeing green fire for the first time.


In Art, we all had pieces of A3 paper divided into four squares. One activity (top right square) was drawing your partner’s face without looking at the paper, only straight at them. Mine turned out to look like a bunch of scribbles. The second activity (top left corner) was to draw your ‘favourite thing to do’ only looking through a mirror which reflected your piece of paper. This was hard because if I wanted to move my pencil right, it would just move left! The last activity (activity 3) was drawing a particular place in the classroom upside down. During this activity the Art teacher taught us how that’s actually how we see, upside down, our brain just flips it over. Art was such a fun class, the teacher was really nice and funny and I cannot wait to do art next year in Year 7.


Since the library was a long way away, I got there early and left early. During my time there I was told about what Year 7 does in library lessons, where the lessons are, were the age appropriate books are and how it all works.


I couldn’t do sport so I just played some get to know each other games with another group. During the open assemblies we heard about sport extra curricular and who runs it.

The Year 7 orientation was so much fun! It gave me a better understanding of what it’s like and made me look forward to Year 7 a lot more.

  • 🐼 Zoe 🐼

Passion Projects

In Year 6 we have a big project called our Passion Projects, we each have something(s) that we are very passionate about, the whole point of Passion Projects is to learn more about your chosen topic, to see if you’re good at it, and to find what you love.

For my passion project I had a few passions I could use. I am passionate in many things like:

  • Photography
  • Acting
  • Musical activities
  • Creating products
  • Fashion

But if I had had to narrow it down to top 3 things that I haven’t really done before it would have to be:

  • Creating things (products)
  • Photography
  • Musical Things

I’ve loved acting, singing and dancing since before I can remember. I’ve wanted to be shooting for the stars. Some ideas I have for doing something musical for my Passion Project are:

  • Creating a music video
  • Writing a play/musical
  • Write a song
  • Do an audio recording of singing a song

I also absolutely LOVE photography! It lets you tell an entire story with no words and look at sights with different perspectives. I have some ideas for doing the topic Photography for my Passion Project:

  • Go into the city or a famous/interesting/beautiful place in Sydney and take some photos, try to make it look like you’re a professional!
  • Try to tell a story with each photo that I would take.
  • Get ‘capturing the moment’ photos from your past all the way up to the present in an Imovie or in PowerPoint.
  • Make a bunch of detailed photoshop photos showing impossible things, featuring anything and anyone.
  • Present all the photos creatively using an app or website.

When I say creating productsI mean doing things like this:

  • Make flavoured lip balm, bath salts, hand cream, and other everyday wants.
  • Create Makeup out of cheap equipment and make a packaging to say what’s in it, your logo and the name of your company!
  • Make a mini shop (try to make it look kind of like a real one) and sell the things that you might make from above (the other points).

When I was younger in my bedroom I loved pretending I was… a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, a scientist, a librarian, a two dollar shop worker, a waitress, a chef, cashier, etc! the point is, I loved to create things, all kinds of things and I think that creating a stall or something like that (not like when I was younger though!) might fit in well with my Passion Project.

I am interested in undertaking these 3 topics, my family has helped me decide that and I hope I make the right decision in what I do for my Passion Project next Term…

(This blog post was supposed to be posted a while ago)

My ‘The City Of Ember’ Discussion

If you do not know what I mean by The City Of Ember, it was a book turned into a movie. Year 6 read the book for Novel Study (a subject at school) and then watched the movie in comparison to the book, I actually missed a third of the movie due to a singing lesson, but I knew the story anyway so I didn’t care. Here is my discussion about the similarities between the movie and book, the differences between the movie and book and which I prefer out of the movie and book:

The City of Ember book was made into a movie. There are many similarities and differences that the book and movie have such as age, story and characters. These are my examples of similarities and differences between the movie and book of The City of Ember…

In the movie, Doon looks (and is) 17 when in the book, he is supposed to be 12, the age where the people of The City of Ember leave school. I think that this is not a good difference because it gets the audience confused about the friendships between other people like Doon with Lina’s, they are meant to be the same age. Lina looks (and is) 12 in the book and movie, I think that is a great similarity because it adds understanding to the story, most people read the book first. Also, in the book Poppy is described to be a bit older that a baby (about 1 and a half years old), but in the movie she looks almost 4 years old, and that is a big age difference.

You may have found that the story wasn’t the same in the movie compared to the original book. At the end of the movie, the letter is thrown in by Doon (which should of been Lina) and found by Doon’s father (which should of been Mrs Murdo). Also at the end of the movie, it is shorter because they left out all of the wonders and excitement when Lina and Doon discover all the things from the new world. Since Poppy is older than she was in the book of The City of Ember, there isn’t the scene where Lina bought the coloured pencils because Poppy is too old to be carried (maybe) and crawl away.

The characters from the book weren’t the same as described in the movie, for example, Clary wasn’t even close. In the book, Clary is described as quiet and having a skinny face, in the movie she is one of those extravert ladies who doesn’t have a very skinny face. In the book, Lizzy is described with long frizzy, red hair, in the movie she has a short afro, but it is similar because it is still frizzy and red. The characters were also similar to the movie and the book. Looper looked kind of like I imagined and Mrs Murdo was similar as well.

To Conclude, there are many differences and similarities in comparison to the movie and book of The City of Ember, but there are more differences in the movie. These include similarities and differences to age, characters and the story of The City of Ember. If I have to choose one of them to be my preference I would chose the book because I felt engaged into the characters minds, and never wanted to stop reading! The movie was good, but the book is better. I loved The City of Ember and I can’t wait to read some more amazing books in the further novel studies to come!

The City of Ember is a great story, I recommend EVERYONE to either watch the movie, or even better, read the book! My challenge for now is…


I challenge everyone to draw a picture of your own imaginary city using coloured pencils! (If you read the book, this will give you understanding of why I chose this)

Picture & Carving Communication

In UOI (Unit of Inquiry) this term, Year 6 have been looking at communication, then and now. Each of us had to research about a communication topic of our choice, I chose Picture and Carving Communication. After we’ve collected all of our information we can choose a way to present it. You could choose PowerPoint, Google Docs, PowToon, Biteable, Imovie, etc. I chose to use Emaze, an online site that is similar to Imovie and PowerPoint and really fun and easy to use. When I was gathering my information, I found it easier and more informative to use a book, the internet didn’t have any good information. Here is my reflection and self evaluation:

Learning Intention:

Use technology to convey historical research findings in an engaging way.

For my project, I used Emaze to create a powerpoint about picture and carvings communication. There were ups and downs about using this site, like this:

  –   Positives:

  • Is it very easy to use, with transitioning and widgets.
  • It can convert your PowerPoints into Emazes (I tried it).
  • Emaze can also (if you give your permission) get photos from your social media account(s).
  • It is similar to Imovie and PowerPoint, it has cool transitions.

   –   Negatives:

  • You can’t edit transitions or transition images.
  • If you upload a virtual museum (like I tried to do) it doesn’t work (there is no such thing as a virtual museum or a hyperlink on Emaze).
  • Emaze has a limited amount of text on each slide.
  • You only have a few options for customising your colours and sizes of pictures.


  • Self Evaluation (Reflection:

In my project I think I did pretty well. I used an effective site called Emaze which is like Imovie and PowerPoint put together, with automatic transitions and numbered slides. To improve I could of got some more information and done the task a bit quicker. I think communication is an important part of our world, in every type, without it our world would never be the same.

I found this task to be educational because going on different sites/apps can teach you more about them, also collecting the information is teaching you something about your chosen topic. Today I challenge everyone too…

Find out about where your family was originated, find our about the language/accent that your family used (it might even be the same)!

Da Vinci Decathlon Trials

This year at my school they tried something different for the Da Vinci Decathlon… instead of getting picked by your teachers to get in, anyone can try out! The Da Vinci Decathlon is a competitive competition against other schools, each school has 8 representatives from each grade. You work on different subjects for the trials such as, coding, drama, poem writing, general knowledge and creative art. I chose to work on drama and creative art because I love those two subjects a lot, as you will see in my ‘About Me’ page on my blog. Sadly I did not get in to the Da Vinci Decathlon but I know did! (Congratulations Emily!) The trials were a great experience and I can’t wait to try out again next year!

Woman of the future

This is my Woman of the Future poem. We based this writing about ourselves and what shaped our lives, family, events, etc. I really enjoyed making it, year 6 is amazing, full of different opportunities and lot’s of learning, here is my Woman of the Future poem…

I am a child…

I have the singing voice of my great aunt.

The creativity of both my parents

The kindness of my grandma

The knowledge of my dad


I am all I see…

Clouds, above all, the highest mountains, touching the tip of the sky.

Two amazing parents, two amazing sisters, and two amazing dogs.

Trees swaying as they dance together in the wind outside my bedroom window.

A small audition room with 4 adults.


I am all I hear…

I am the crashing of waves of freshwater beach.

The bark of both my dogs.

The whistle of a bird as it wakes me up in the morning.

The music of my favourite song as it plays its harmony.


I am all I feel and taste…

The vibe of Chippy and Stevie’s bark as it runs through my veins.

Balls being kicked, thrown, hit and bounced.

Delicious Spaghetti Bolognese as it relaxes me on a friday night.

The laugh of my dads jokes on the weekend


And all I remember…

Coming into big school HATING my new uniform!

Waking up by a loud bark for the first time.

The horror of when two babies came to my house and never left. . ..

A majestic experience, I travelled the world


I am all I’ve been taught…

“Remember to wear underpants to school Zoe!”

“Say Please and Thank you!”

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

“Always be yourself.”


I am all I think…

“Are they talking about me?”

“Did I do ok in the test?”

“Did I get the part?”

“I wonder what is going to happen today.”


I am all those things..

So lucky and fortunate to have a home, family and friends.

I am unique and special in my very own way…

I Am The Woman Of The Future



Create your own woman of the future poem with a friend, using all of the sub-tittles… (comment when done!)

First day of Year 6

Today was the first day of year 6 for 2017! I’m finally a senior of the junior school! I am now a Kindy Buddy!

When I first got to school I was really nervous. There were 8 new girls and I didn’t know what to say to any of them. I started off my introducing myself to some of them, only a couple got into a conversation with me but it was still really nice to make friends. A new girl that I really made friends with is called Emma (There are 2 but I don’t know the last name), I became her buddy and I tried to make her feel welcome at the school. Emma doesn’t have a blog yet so I will give you guys a link to her blog once she has one. It was also really nice to catch up with some girl from the previous year since I hadn’t seen them for quite a while.

When we got put into classes I got the same class as Emma but not with most of my best friends at school. I was really disappointed but I got a fabulous teacher and some other nice classmates. When I got up to the classroom the entire grade got put into my new classroom and we discussed about the new yearly topic which used to be ‘Dare To…’ but now is ‘Soar’. We also introduced ourselves to our teacher. After that we got our locker decided and guess what?! I got a top locker! That i’ve wanted to have for ages since I got a bottom locker last year.

The day went by so fast! But I know that this year WILL be great!

UOI House Making Project

In the past 2 weeks Year 5 have been making and designing there own small houses. But we designed it for a special village supported by TEAR (organisation supporting poor places around the world) and my group chose Dhading, Nepal. Before this activity I didn’t even know what or where Dhading was.

In my group there were four people all together. Here are the links to their blogs:

Anna –

Mia –

Bella –

These are some photos of the making of our house:

So that is some of our steps.

To plan our house we used floorplanner, a website where you can design houses. Bella and I both designed houses, but my group chose Bella’s because they thought that it was better than mine. On floorplanner it wasn’t that hard to design houses, it was actually quite easy.

Some problems That we faced:

  • A problem that we had was when we made a layer of mud bricks on a messy mat. It was a problem because the next day they had dried and we could get them off. We had to restart and did on our actual floor of our house.


  • Another problem was when we didn’t cooperate and everyone wanted to do their own thing. It ended up being that one of us did the PowerPoint (Zoe) one of us put the bricks together (Mia) One of us made the bricks (Anna) and one of us showed and made the design (Bella).


  • Another problem was when we didn’t have the right roof which was a piece of paper since we didn’t have one. We ended up having to stick a bunch of hay onto it to make it more realistic.


  • Another problem was with the furniture. It kept on falling down but we made it more stable and it fit and worked.

Our Project:

The line of inquiry our house building is related to is ‘we are connected to the world’ because in the making of our house we had to do a lot of research to find information about Dhading.

The PYP attitudes and attributes that have been connected to our learning is research skills, thinking skills  and social skills because we had to cooperate, see what we were going to do and find a lot of information. Some more are being a risk-taker, knowledgeable and a communicator because we need to talk to each other to work together, get lot’s of information together and take risks towards making our project better. We also needed to have confidence in that our project will be great!

Some other learning that has been connected to this is in Term 4 maths when we did mapping and learning about the different bedrooms and homes around the world.

In the making of our house we used these materials:

  • 3 different clays
  • Orange paddle pop sticks
  • Plain paddle pop sticks
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Materials for furniture
  • Straw
  • Hay
  • Fabric

In this unit we learned a lot. Most of my group didn’t know what Dhading was or any of the history. We also learned how to minimize the scale to make it the right size of a wall. This has been a very fun unit of inquiry and we all loved making our houses and hope to something like it again.

10 facts about me

Hi guys! In this blog post I will be sharing some facts you probably didn’t know about me. If you want you can leave a comment to share some things about you. This post is inspired by a girl in my class named Rosie, here is the link to her post – 

Here are 10 facts about me:

  • I am a sweet tooth

I do not like to be mean or say rude words, I like to be kind and helpful towards others.

  • I  am a book worm

I love reading, it is better than movies because you get to know what the character is feeling, not just doing and saying.

  • I am an introvert

If you do not know what an introvert means, it means a shy and reticent person. I am an introvert because I do not like loud places and I am shy when meeting a new person and somethings like that.

  • I love any sort of fashion

I don’t really care what I wear, weather it’s fancy or colour drained, I don’t really care. I normally just get something that matches out of my wardrobe and wear it.

  • I love doing computer games

Even though it is unhealthy, I love doing computer games. I find it as another world and I love playing different games.

  • I love blogging

You may or may not know this, but I love blogging. As you can see, I post a blog post almost everyday and sometimes, even twice a day! I do that because I love it, I love getting and replying to new comments, I love getting new visitors and I love posting blog posts.

  • My favourite group of singers is the chainsmokers

I love all the chainsmokers’s songs, to me they are great and fun to listen to. My top two favourite songs from the chainsmokers would have to be ‘don’t let me down’ and ‘closer’.

  • I love the colour blue

My absolute favourite colour is blue. I find it is such a pretty colour and I am glad it is the colour of my summer school uniform!

  • I am a sporty person and I love sport

I love sport. It is great for teamwork practice. It is so fun and exciting and encourages you to try your best in each game to aim to win. My favourite three sports are soccer, basketball (my favourite) and tennis.

  • I love performing arts

As you may or may not know I love performing arts. I love acting, singing and dancing and I really enjoy doing them! In two past posts I wrote about a speech and drama activity which I absolutely loved! It was the best fun!

Thank you for reading my post and remember to comment!

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