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2017 School Musical

Hi Guys, Sorry for not doing a blog post in a while.

This year our school is doing a musical, I am excited to say that I got a main part! The auditions were a few of weeks ago, and we’ve started practicing. This years musical is… SEUSSICAL jr.! I is about an elephant named horton who finds a talking speck of dust which appears to be the tiniest planet in the universe, Who (the name of the planet). I play the role the wife of the mayor of Who, Mrs Mayor. I think is it going to be a very fun semester and I hope everyone feels the same!


In a while I will publish a blog post with pictures of the musical once I have done it (a couple of months away).

10 facts about me

Hi guys! In this blog post I will be sharing some facts you probably didn’t know about me. If you want you can leave a comment to share some things about you. This post is inspired by a girl in my class named Rosie, here is the link to her post – 

Here are 10 facts about me:

  • I am a sweet tooth

I do not like to be mean or say rude words, I like to be kind and helpful towards others.

  • I  am a book worm

I love reading, it is better than movies because you get to know what the character is feeling, not just doing and saying.

  • I am an introvert

If you do not know what an introvert means, it means a shy and reticent person. I am an introvert because I do not like loud places and I am shy when meeting a new person and somethings like that.

  • I love any sort of fashion

I don’t really care what I wear, weather it’s fancy or colour drained, I don’t really care. I normally just get something that matches out of my wardrobe and wear it.

  • I love doing computer games

Even though it is unhealthy, I love doing computer games. I find it as another world and I love playing different games.

  • I love blogging

You may or may not know this, but I love blogging. As you can see, I post a blog post almost everyday and sometimes, even twice a day! I do that because I love it, I love getting and replying to new comments, I love getting new visitors and I love posting blog posts.

  • My favourite group of singers is the chainsmokers

I love all the chainsmokers’s songs, to me they are great and fun to listen to. My top two favourite songs from the chainsmokers would have to be ‘don’t let me down’ and ‘closer’.

  • I love the colour blue

My absolute favourite colour is blue. I find it is such a pretty colour and I am glad it is the colour of my summer school uniform!

  • I am a sporty person and I love sport

I love sport. It is great for teamwork practice. It is so fun and exciting and encourages you to try your best in each game to aim to win. My favourite three sports are soccer, basketball (my favourite) and tennis.

  • I love performing arts

As you may or may not know I love performing arts. I love acting, singing and dancing and I really enjoy doing them! In two past posts I wrote about a speech and drama activity which I absolutely loved! It was the best fun!

Thank you for reading my post and remember to comment!

Recycled Instruments

This Term in music we are going to be working on recycled musical instruments. For homework we had to bring in some recycled objects into school to create our own working musical instrument. I chose to make a guitar using old guitar strings, cardboard and a big plastic container. We haven’t yet started on our instruments so I will be blogging more on this subject soon, please watch this short video that inspired year 5 to participate.