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Space Research

At school Year 6 recently presented some space research to teach Year 4s. We chose a topic of interest relating to space, and then we researched chosen questions relating to that topic. I chose to broadly research about stars. I created an Adobe Spark Page to put all of my information in. When I presented it to the Year 4s, they found it very interesting and informative and said they learned a lot from it! Here is the link to my page:


Thank you, I would love to get feedback in the comments!

ūüćÄ Zoe ūüćÄ

The Exhibition

From late Term 3 to early Term 4, Year 6 had a big project called The Exhibition. Everyone was in groups of 2-5 in a group studying a topic of their preference. The preference topics were something that related to our Unit Of Inquiry (we started a new one) main line of Inquiry which was ‘Peace and conflict affects our world’. So basically the topics were about either peace or conflict.

The topic I got was Terrorism. I got put in a group of 4 with Tilly G, Tara M and Ashley O. We made 3 of our own lines of Inquiry which were:

  • There are different reasons why terrorists become terrorists
  • Terrorist groups are unique and have different motivations
  • There is lots being done to prevent terrorism

We all worked together and researched information based on each of those lines of Inquiry and made each of them into two posters, one for the information and one for the line of Inquiry’s wording and related pictures. Year 6 also had a booklet and folder of their own. At the end of the Exhibition, the folder had inside:

  • Your title page

We each created our own title page for our topic which was used as our folder cover.

  • ‘My Exhibition Group’ page.

We each made a page that had a picture of our whole group, the names of people in our group, our primary resources, the title ‘My Exhibition Group’, A picture of our mentors (I will go into that later), who our mentors are, and our key concepts (I will go into that later).

  • Form & Function

We each made two separate pieces of writing explaining what our topic is (form) and how it works (function).

  • Lines Of Inquiry

Like I said before, we made three lines of inquiry and researched about each of them.

  • Primary resources page and email

In our groups, we made a document on our primary resources and added the email we sent them on it (i’ll go into this later).

  • Picture book paragraph

Individually, we wrote dot points and a paragraph about the picture book we each read that related to our Exhibition topics (I will go into this later).

In our booklets, it was more reflection, goals, and the whole process of The Exhibition. We had to fill out a reflection and weekly goals each week. At the end of The Exhibition we did self assessing in it.

On Canva, I made a ‘My Exhibition Group’ page. In Our booklets we had questions that were made into our lines of Inquiry, we put these questions into our page. The question relates to either function, change, or causation. Each group has 1-3 mentors from Year 10 at our school. You organise meetings with them (every week or so) and they help you with the Exhibition. The Mentors for my group were named Zoe (another Zoe!) and Jessica. Our mentors sent a photo of them to us and we put that and their names onto each of our ‘My Exhibition Group’ pages. We also put the names of our primary resources on our page. Our primary resources would help us get some deeper knowledge about terrorism, with all of them being terrorism or counter terrorism experts. Our primary resources were Sam Roggavean, Minister (David) Elliot, and Peter Ryan. Tara¬†sent each of them an email which we copied into our Primary Resources document and included in our folders. We included our primary resources’ names in each of our ‘My Exhibition Group’ pages. Our lines of Inquiry relate to a question which relates to either function, change, or causation.

We each read a picture book relating to our topic, mine being terrorism. The book I read was Ali’s story.The book didn’t just relate to terrorism, it related to terrorism, war and refugees. This is Ali’s Story:


We made a paragraph about what we thought about our picture book, this was mine:

Sometimes terrorism can get so bad that it causes families to get separated. People can flee their countries and become refugees in others, but sometimes not all family members or friends make it. Terrorism usually causes war in different countries and many people suffer or get affected by it. Terrorism usually occurs in countries in The Middle East.

For the display of The Exhibition, we made an interactive activity using a world globe, an imovie of how/why/what, and a map showing where terrorist groups are located and where they have taken over. The interactive activity was where we had 5 bits of velcro on the world globe and 5 bits of laminated paper (with velcro on the back) stating a terrorist group. The player of the game has to find where all the terrorist groups are located by sticking them in the place they think they go. There are clues scattered all over our display board that say where they go.

For the display night and morning we had a table and a velcro board (velcro sticks to it). Parents (and siblings) and teachers came to the display night (6:30PM – 8:00PM) and students from the junior school came in the morning (8:30AM – 10:00AM). On the night, we had prepared a song. The song we sang was¬†Man In The Mirror¬†by Michael Jackson. We chose this song because it relates to what we were studying, which was poverty, making a difference, etc. Here is the¬†link to the song, read the lyrics and see how it relates to ‘peace and conflict affect our world’. When we performed¬†Man In The Mirror, there was a slide show of pictures behind us. Each group had 2 or 3 pictures in it relating to their topic.

Before we sang the song, we had questions to get the audience thinking and¬†prepare the audience for what we were about to show them (our display). The one that my group said was¬†“Did you know that since the start of this year there has been over 1044 terrorist attacks worldwide?”

The Exhibition night and morning was really successful (except when our table fell over). We got asked a lot of interesting questions and ¬†and learned about other group’s topics as well.¬†The Exhibition was a great experience and I learned a whole lot more about terrorism, a topic I have been interested in (the topic not doing terrorism!) for a while now.

  • ūüź¨ Zoe ūüź¨

Current Affairs

In UOI, Year 6 is doing a 30 day challenge. For that 30 day challenge we have to write a few current affairs and random acts of kindness. For Homework, we had to find a current affair and write all about the issue (or subject if it is not an issue) in a discussion forum. Here is what I have written about (from Sydney Morning Herald):


In parliament at the moment, Barnaby Joyce, the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia,¬†has been discovered as¬†a¬†New Zealand citizen. Most people from the opposition think¬†that he should resign or be kicked out of parliament.¬†Barnaby Joyce said four weeks¬†ago in his own words (before any of these things happened) “It is quite clear in¬†section¬†44 that you can’t be a member of parliament and have dual citizenship, it’s black and¬†white.” So in The¬†House Of Representatives during discussion over this topic, Barnaby¬†is going against his own words and¬†denying everything.

Barnaby Joyce was born in Tamworth (NSW) but his dad was a kiwi, therefore, making¬†him a NZ citizen. Dual citizenship means multiple nationality, in Barnaby’s case, he hascitizenship in 2 countries, New Zealand and¬†Australia. He was conspiring with the NewZealand Prime Minister about his NZ citizenship¬†(which he knew about), trying to keep¬†it all a secret and trying to make it possible taking that citizenship¬†away, Barnaby didn’twant/need it¬†anymore.

Barnaby Joyce has ended up keeping his role as the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia (for now!). The Greens (another political party) are not very happy with this and want him to resign. After this realisation of dual citizenship, multiple Senators have been asked to leave parliament. Here is a link to a  2 websites with videos of all of this citizenship drama:

Sydney Morning Herald –¬†¬†(Links to an external site.)

News –¬†¬†(Links to an external site.)

A simple New Zealand citizenship form could have saved Barnaby Joyce from this¬†incident, leaving the¬†liberal¬†party under pressure with keeping the majority of MPs.¬†Julie Bishop (the foreign affairs minister)¬†says “This is the work of the leader of the¬†opposition. He is unfit to hold office in this parliament.” People¬†believe that Bill Shorten¬†(opposition leader) met up with an NZ leader and discussed dual citizenship and¬†found¬†that Barnaby¬†Joyce was a citizen.

In my opinion, I think that it is a bit unfair that Barnaby is making himself an exception to the law when a few Senators have been asked to resign or have been kicked out. I think that they should discuss this matter a bit more and make Barnaby Joyce resign temporarily, just while everything is being discussed and resolved. It will be interesting to see what the high court decides, as this will affect many politicians careers.

  • ūüćí¬†Zoe¬†ūüćí

6 & 7). My Passion Project – Getting Ready To Present

On the weekend I had so much to do… I had to:

  • Make a poster for my photos
  • Choose frames for my top 3 photos
  • Go to officeworks (a store/shop) five times
  • Make a poster for my information/research
  • Edit my information/research
  • Choose my 5 photos that go in the photo box
  • Find a website to make my photo book on
  • Choose 15 photos to go on the photo poster
  • Choose my top 3 photos to put in the frames
  • Make a poster on my process
  • Choose some photos to be printed out
  • Cut out the five photos going in the photo box

See! It has been even busier than last week! On the weekend, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, my dad and I did all that. Over that time I was very sick, it was hard for me to concentrate and focus. In Week 5 I took a very embarrassing photo of my eye, but my parents said it was one of my best photos so I put it in my top three. Here is my eye shot:

They said it was good because half my face was shadowed, the eye lashes looked amazing, the eye looked like it sparkled and had contact lenses in it, the background was blurry which made the eye stand out. This is kinda embarrasing showing you a picture of my eye.

Another girl doing the same sort of Passion Project as me is Emma F (click here to go to her blog) ¬†and her photos are great! I’m a little scared that they will be better than mine!

My Photo box went well, I added captions of when I took them (or if it was a practice photo), I put them on card paper, and I added a green heart as well! Here is my Photo Box…

Things that went well during my Passion Project:

  • My photos turned out to be great
  • I learned so much about photography that I didn’t know before
  • During the process I also got a lot of exercise since I had to walk around – a lot!
  • As well as taking the photos – I got to see vivid at the same time!

Thing that didn’t go so well during my Passion Project:

  • The seven photos that I printed out had a couple of places without ink
  • I could of had some pictures of me actually taking the photos!

Yay, There are more positives than negatives! On the next blog post I will tell you all about when we presented our projects (by we I mean year 6). I think mine was super successful! Here are a lot of my photos:

Here are some of my practice photos that I took before I researched anything:

I hope everyone’s Passion Project went well!

  • ūüĆļ¬†Zoe ūüĆļ

3). My Passion Project – In Progress

On the weekend I began my Passion Project. I got all the information about photography that I needed. I put all the props, information and materials I needed to take my photos in a big folder case thingy that I could carry around. My mum and I went to the botanical gardens and I immediately started taking photos. I took a lot of low shots and even used some of my props.

A problem that occurred was when I feel over while a was taking a photo of a fountain… I was stepping forward to get a better angle for a photo when I tripped over a loose brick. I scraped my left ankle, my left knee, my right hand and I twisted and landed on my right foot. I cried in pain but a very nice lady helped me up and took me to my mum. “In Africa I care for black children and embrace being indigenous.” She told me. The pain finally slowed down, I thanked the lady and kept on doing photography.

I went home with a smile on my face and weight lifted off my shoulders, but still had foot pain. Here is the information I gathered about photography:

  • How to show good effect in a photo:

There are many ways where you can show great effect in photos. You could use abstract angles, position yourself in different position (e.g: lie down), you could show reflection to make it seem like two different worlds, and even take pictures of unusual thing which would make the the picture double abstract!

Perspectives are very important in a photo, you need to make sure that it is unusual. E.g: since teenagers tend to be very tall, taking a photo from a ground perspective will make the image completely different, in a good way. Low shot photos have the best effect when you widen your lens, or even if you use the widget, fisheye.

I used this information to take many ground and reflective shots, I mostly used a wide lens.

I have sad news, the day after I twisted my foot, somebody (I don’t know who) slammed the door on that same foot and made the pain 10 times worse! I sprained my ankle really badly and at the moment I am on crutches (see the blog post above).

I cannot wait to do more research and take some more photos, even with a very sore foot!

  • ūüď∑¬†Zoe ūüď∑

1). My Passion Project – Getting Started

Hi everyone! 1 post down, I narrowed my ideas for my Passion Project to 3, I have now narrowed it down to two ideas:

  • Creating Products (my first option)
  • Photography (my second option)

I then thought to myself, which do I love/am more passionate about? Which would be more fun and teach me more? I came to decide with my family that the topic for my Passion Project would be…


My Parents helps me brainstorm ideas for what I would do for Photography, how I present it, what I will be learning about and what I would use. Here are all my ideas for my Photography Passion Project:

  • Use my dad’s digital camera for the photos.
  • Use multiple apps to present those photos (e.g: SnapBook).
  • Frame my 3 best photos for display.
  • Make a Kahoot (a quizzing website) about the main aspects to take a quality photo.
  • Use my photo box to show progress of my photos getting more interesting and better quality.
  • I will have my learning purpose to be learning how to take a quality photo, the angles of a shot, and other aspects of a quality photo.
  • Since Vivid (a massive light show in the city (Sydney)) is right around the corner, I can take some photos there of the lights.
  • I can also take photos of really beautiful tourist attractions, as well as in very well know places, I might even just take pictures of simple things like a sunset or a beautiful flower.
  • I will try to have no people in my photos, since I am focusing on places/sights.

As you can see, there is a lot I need to do! I will be updating a lot about my Passion Project, in fact more than any other blog post! I think I made the right decision by choosing Photography as the topic for my Passion Project. I wish that everyone in Year 6 has a very successful and great Passion Project!


Picture & Carving Communication

In UOI (Unit of Inquiry) this term, Year 6 have been looking at communication, then and now. Each of us had to research about a communication topic of our choice, I chose Picture and Carving Communication. After we’ve collected all of our information we can choose a way to present it. You could choose PowerPoint, Google Docs, PowToon, Biteable, Imovie, etc. I chose to use Emaze, an online site that is similar to Imovie and PowerPoint and really fun and easy to use. When I was gathering my information, I found it easier and more informative to use a book, the internet didn’t have any good information. Here is my reflection and self evaluation:

Learning Intention:

Use technology to convey historical research findings in an engaging way.

For my project, I used Emaze to create a powerpoint about picture and carvings communication. There were ups and downs about using this site, like this:

  Р  Positives:

  • Is it very easy to use, with transitioning and widgets.
  • It can convert your PowerPoints into Emazes (I tried it).
  • Emaze can also (if you give your permission) get photos from your social media account(s).
  • It is similar to Imovie and PowerPoint, it has cool transitions.

   Р  Negatives:

  • You can‚Äôt edit transitions or transition images.
  • If you upload a virtual museum (like I tried to do) it doesn‚Äôt work (there is no such thing as a virtual museum or a hyperlink on Emaze).
  • Emaze has a limited amount of text on each slide.
  • You only have a few options for customising your colours and sizes of pictures.


  • Self Evaluation (Reflection:

In my project I think I did pretty well. I used an effective site called Emaze which is like Imovie and PowerPoint put together, with automatic transitions and numbered slides. To improve I could of got some more information and done the task a bit quicker. I think communication is an important part of our world, in every type, without it our world would never be the same.

I found this task to be educational because going on different sites/apps can teach you more about them, also collecting the information is teaching you something about your chosen topic. Today I challenge everyone too…

Find out about where your family was originated, find our about the language/accent that your family used (it might even be the same)!

Social Media

For UOI (Unit of Inquiry (questioning our thoughts)) ¬†we have been looking at Social Media. We have been comparing it to smoking a cigarette, we found that Social Media is equally addictive and that they are both damaging to mental and physical health. We also made Imovies about it, I did it with a girl named Kayley ( and we did it about what Social Media can cause, distrust, jealousy, lies, mental and physical damage, cyber bullying, and breaching copyright can easily happen. It shocked me with some of the Terms and Conditions, (It is a better idea if you read them to know what your signing up for!) I didn’t know what I was signing up for and it turned out these thing are horrible!:

– On Instagram, Instagram can view all your posts (wether you have a private account or not), view private direct messages, put all your personal information up online without your permission and use your posts to do whatever they like, with out your permission!

– On SnapChat, the SnapChat team can also take all your posts, on SnapChat I think it is bad that your posts only are visible for 24 hours!

– Lying + Jealousy:

A lot of people online try to make themselves look really good, some people even change up their photos with widgets online! With my partner Kayley, we found that some people even use photoshop to edit their photos, lying and making people jealous of what they are actually NOT doing. This is horrible because the jealous ones suffer for no reason, living to think that they live under a rock or are very limited.

– Distrust + Copyright:

A lot of distrust and breaching of copyright happens in the Social Media world. For me and Kayley’s project, we made a video showing this happen… it goes something like this. Girl 1 takes an amazing photo and shows Girl 2, Girl 2 asks Girl 1 if she can show everyone. Girl 1 allows this to happen while she puts her things away and gives the phone to Girl 2. Girl 2 can’t be bothered to go around to show everyone so she goes on Girl 1’s private Social Media account and posts the picture without Girl 1’s permission. When Girl 1 comes back she is shocked and angry at Girl 2 because she didn’t give her permission to do that. Girl 2 has lost Girl 1’s trust because of disobeying copyright (using the picture without permission). That happens a lot, and it all gets caused by Social Media.

– Damage (Mentally and physically):

Social Media can also damage you, in two different ways. It can damage you mentally and physically, mentally means inside you head and things you think of yourself, physically mean using contact (like kicking or pinching somebody). You may be wondering how could Social Media possibly affect people physically?! Well, this is why:

– If people are made at someone for posting something that they didn’t want to be posted they may use physical contact and hurt someone in their anger.

– In photos or videos a person may hurt someone on purpose in a post.

See, this all causes damage! Here is why Social Media affects people Mentally:

– If there is a cyber bully who posts a horrible picture, video, comment or caption about someone, it could mentally damage that person in a way that causes sadness and depression.

– If people have more followers on their account or likes on their posts it can have a mental affect on them because they would think that that person is better than them and feel like they have to be very self conscious

– Relating to Jealousy, that can make people feel like they live under a rock and they are limited to a lot of things, causing that person to feel depressed inside.

Social Media¬†is damaging to a lot of people and I don’t think that this is a right, we should have a safe internet without having to worry about these stupid things.

– Cyber Bullying + Online Bad People:

On¬†Social Media there is a lot of Cyber Bullying and Bad People. I am going to share with you a HORRIBLE ‘Bad People’ story:

– A young girl had a public social media account, she made a’friend’ who she didn’t know on the Social Media¬†account. They had been ‘friends’ for a while and the ‘friend’ asked the girl “Since we have been friends on this for so long, do you want to meet up?” The girl answered “yes.” without thinking and the next day went to a cafe to meet that person like planned. A man showed up and asked the girl if she was the person online… The girl replied “yes.” and then the man said “My daughter is at our house getting ready to play with you, do you want me to drive you over?” ¬†the girl said “ok!” They both got into the car and it turned out… the ‘Dad’ was a very bad man (pretending to be a girl her age) and ended up driving her into a narrow space and killing her…

You never know with Social Media, that’s why I only let my friends follow me and not anyone else. The world is also full of Online Bullies (Cyber Bullies), like I said before,¬†If there is a cyber bully who posts a horrible picture, video, comment or caption about someone, it could mentally damage that person in a way that causes sadness and depression. It is not good having bad people online, they could hack someones account, spread horrible rumours or post a horrible post that would hurt someone.

I hope this Blog post has taught you something, doing this task has definitely helped me! Comment if you have any ideas or add-ons for the topic of Social Media! Thank you Year 6 teachers for teaching me so much on this unusual subject.


If you have any type of Social Media read the Terms and Conditions for it, you will be surprised!




UOI House Making Project

In the past 2 weeks Year 5 have been making and designing there own small houses. But we designed it for a special village supported by TEAR (organisation supporting poor places around the world) and my group chose Dhading, Nepal. Before this activity I didn’t even know what or where Dhading was.

In my group there were four people all together. Here are the links to their blogs:

Anna –

Mia –

Bella –

These are some photos of the making of our house:

So that is some of our steps.

To plan our house we used floorplanner, a website where you can design houses. Bella and I both designed houses, but my group chose Bella’s because they thought that it was better than mine. On floorplanner it wasn’t that hard to design houses, it was actually quite easy.

Some problems That we faced:

  • A problem that we had was when we made a layer of mud bricks on a messy mat. It was a problem because the next day they had dried and we could get them off. We had to restart and did on our actual floor of our house.


  • Another problem was when we didn‚Äôt cooperate and everyone wanted to do their own thing. It ended up being that one of us did the PowerPoint (Zoe) one of us put the bricks together (Mia) One of us made the bricks (Anna) and one of us showed and made the design (Bella).


  • Another problem was when we didn‚Äôt have the right roof which was a piece of paper since we didn‚Äôt have one. We ended up having to stick a bunch of hay onto it to make it more realistic.


  • Another problem was with the furniture. It kept on falling down but we made it more stable and it fit and worked.

Our Project:

The line of inquiry our house building is related to is ‚Äėwe are connected to the world‚Äô because in the making of our house we had to do a lot of research to find information about Dhading.

The PYP attitudes and attributes that have been connected to our learning is research skills, thinking skills  and social skills because we had to cooperate, see what we were going to do and find a lot of information. Some more are being a risk-taker, knowledgeable and a communicator because we need to talk to each other to work together, get lot’s of information together and take risks towards making our project better. We also needed to have confidence in that our project will be great!

Some other learning that has been connected to this is in Term 4 maths when we did mapping and learning about the different bedrooms and homes around the world.

In the making of our house we used these materials:

  • 3 different clays
  • Orange paddle pop sticks
  • Plain paddle pop sticks
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Materials for furniture
  • Straw
  • Hay
  • Fabric

In this unit we learned a lot. Most of my group didn’t know what Dhading was or any of the history. We also learned how to minimize the scale to make it the right size of a wall. This has been a very fun unit of inquiry and we all loved making our houses and hope to something like it again.

The Story Of My Name

Hi, as you know my name is Zoe, my name means life in Greek. From early times it was owned by the Hellenized Jews as a translation of the name Eve. It was made by two early Christian Saints, and was very popular in the Byzantine Empire. As an English name, Zoe has only been used since the early 19th century.

  • Popularity

USA – #33 in the country

Canada -#37 in the country

Australia – #8 in the country –

Belgium  Р#25 in the country

France – #11 in the country

Hungary – #7 in the country

Ireland – #30 in the country

Netherlands – #10 in the country

New Zealand – #17 in the country

Switzerland – #36 in the country

  • Story of how I got my name

When my mum was 25 she had a very nice work mate named Zoe. She was a lovely person and my mum and her were great friends. One day Zoe went on a trip to Tasmania, my mum wished her a great trip! 

One day when Zoe was in Tasmania, she went to an ordinary cafe. Unfortunately a gunman raided the shop and shot her, I find it very sad to think about. Now because of that tragic moment my name is Zoe and the name my dad wanted is my middle name.

  • Find out more

Do you want to know more about your name? Visit this website:

Let me know in the comments the history of your name and even how you got it. I look forward to seeing some comments!